Rene Soto Gallery

Rene Soto Gallery, LLC

Location: 1 Wall Street, Norwalk, CT 06850
Phone: +1 (203) 609-5024
Member: Rene Soto | Director/Owner
Rene Soto Gallery was created to provide unrecognized artists of outstanding talent a stage to exhibit their art. The gallery will sell art produced by both established and lesser known artists, but it will also be a place to promote art in all its forms – painting, sculpture, music, face and body painting, painting with hands, experimental art, poetry and photography. It will be a place for art exhibitions, art demonstrations, art classes, and art education. And with a special mission to highlight outstanding artists of other countries, it will be a place for cultural exchange and learning. This is our mission.

About Rene

Rene Soto was born on September 1, 1986, in La Libertad Peten, Guatemala. In November 2011, Rene left Guatemala, to pursue a career as an artist, having worked as a Physical Education instructor up to that point. Since his arrival to the United States, Rene has been making art that reflects the life he left behind. He also draws inspiration from universal truths and commonalities that cannot be communicated in any other way than through his paintings.
Currently, Rene lives in Norwalk, CT, where he has established himself as a practicing professional artist, arts educator, and manager of Rene Soto Gallery in Norwalk. To date, he has completed more than 500 paintings.His growing roster of exhibitions includes:
-Neighbors Link, Stamford, CT (Solo, 2012).
-The Palace Theater, Stamford, CT (Latin Roots, 2013)
-Loft Artists Association Gallery, Stamford, CT (Drown, 2014)
(In 2014 and 2015, Rene was awarded the Barreto’s Scholarship, enabling him to study at the Greenwich Art Society)
-Blenheim Gallery, Greenwich, CT (2015),
-Art to the Avenue, Greenwich, CT (2015).
-XIV Art Show of Hispanic Artists, New Jersey (2016)
-Queens Museum, New York (2016)His teaching experience includes King School in Stamford and Studio Arte in Norwalk.
Additionally, Rene created the citywide project, “Guatemala Everywhere,” which opened the door for other artists from Guatemala to exhibit their art throughout Stamford. Supporting his community is near and dear to his heart. He is an active volunteer and donor of local nonprofit organizations, including Stamford Senior Center, The Ronald McDonald House, Caring with Grace, Domestic Violence Center of Stamford, and the Kids Draw Free Program. Most recently, he held a Mother’s Day Silent Auction at the Old Town Hall in Stamford.

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