Kosta's Norwalk Shoe Repair

    • Address:
    • 61 Van Zant street
    • Norwalk
    • 06855
    • Fairfield County
    • United States

Kosta's Norwalk Shoe repair

Leather Repair - Vegan Leather Orthopedic Shoes - Handbags - Luggage Mens & Womens Shoes - Other General Leather Repair.


Located at: 61 Van Zant street, Norwalk, CT 06855

Phone: 203-838-1481

eMail: info@Norwalkshoerepair.com

Monday/Thursday 9am - 8pm | Tuesday-Friday & Saturday 8am - 5pm | Sunday - Closed

Member: Kosta Koutsimanis | Owner

About Kosta's Norwalk Shoe repair

Led by our owner, Kosta Koutsimanis, our shoe repair staff can repair just about any shoe or boot. We also repair purses, handbags, travel bags and more. We can repair Vegan leather goods as well.

Kosta's Norwalk Shoe Repair does shoe modifications based on a doctor's prescription and makes custom orthopedics.

Cannot find the right bag,shoes or belts? Let us create you one of the kind custom shoes, bags, wallets and belts. We take the ordinary and make extraordinary. Be inspired by the array of customized services we offer all your leather care needs.

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