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At John Patrick Publishing, we help connect your business with the thriving parish communities around you.

Proud to publish the Weekly Bulletin for

St. Joseph-St. Ladislaus

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Member: Judy McNee -Senior Sales Representative.


Phone: (203)856-9085

Why church bulletin advertising?

  • + Local, targeted community advertising.
  • + Goes home with parish families every week.
  • + Constant presence of your business.
  • + Ensures a strong link with your customers by keeping your name in front of them.
  • + Good source of referrals.
  • + Captive audience.
  • + Trusted source.
  • + Affordable advertising.
  • + Available weekly in print, online and a social media presence.
  • + Added value included with FREE access to your personal Finding FABER account.

Here is how our 52 week Program works

  • + JPPC prints your Ad each week for 52 weeks.
  • + Graphics Department to help with set up of logos, graphics & photos for your Ad.
  • + Includes copy changes quarterly.
  • + Vertical, Horizontal, Blocks & Banner Ads available.
  • + Multiple church placements available.
  • + Automatically, FREE access to your personal Finding FABER account with any 52 week program.

About Finding FABER

Finding FABER furthers the reach of your print and digital church bulletin advertising. Set up your account and the App puts you on the map in real-time!

Finding FABER increases awareness and exposure of your local business (location, hours and promotions) on Android and iOS devices, and is available to ALL consumers in your community – not just parishioners!

Your 52-week advertising commitment with JPPC allows unlimited, FREE access to your Finding FABER account. Update whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you are.

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