Connecticut Community Bank Gives Back During the Pandemic

Connecticut Community Bank Gives Back During the Pandemic

Giving back is something that Connecticut Community Bank has always been passionate about. When they began to see the need for community support during the coronavirus pandemic, they knew they had to help. To meet the immediate needs caused by the virus, CCB has supported charity partners by donating the products they need to keep their communities safe, healthy, and engaged. Recent partners include: Open Doors Shelter, Chrysalis Center, Pacific House, River House Adult Day Center, Abilis, Homes for the Brave, and Bridgeport Rescue Mission.


Romanacci Provides Free Meals to Essential Workers

Romanacci Provides Free Meals to Essential Workers

Romanacci Pizza Bar is collecting $5 donations for each person on the “Front Lines” that you would like to send a pizza and bottled water to. Either add it onto your online order at checkout or call in (to any of their locations) and order/donate via credit card over the phone. Once they receive $25+, they contact Food For the Front Lines, which coordinates a delivery to an essential workplace,  such as a hospital, police station or fire departments. Some recipients of Romanacci pizza thus far include Westport EMS, Westport Police Department, and Norwalk Hospital.

“We pay to have meals delivered to the first responders and the hospital workers, so the chefs are getting dollars for every delivery. We’re not asking [restaurants] for discounts or donations. We want to pay these chefs and restaurant owners, so they can support themselves and their staff.”

– Stephanie Webster, CT Bites

Food for the Front Lines was founded by Nicole Straight, former Food Rescue US – Fairfield County Site Director, and mother of Westport EMT Emma Straight. Their mission is to feed health care and other essential workers, while simultaneously bolstering business for restaurants. In the first week, they raised $15K and delivered over 750 meals. Then, in partnership with CT Bites, a Go Fund Me was created. As of April 4, the campaign contained over $45K, from over 450 donors. If you would like to make a donation, click the button below.

Successful Fundraiser Event – Girls Night Out + Dress for Success®️Accessory Drive

Successful Fundraiser Event – Girls Night Out + Dress for Success®️Accessory Drive

Congratulations!! to our member House Of House the co-host of “Girls Night Out + Dress for Success®️Accessory Drive” on last April 12th.

It was a truly successful Fundraiser Event for a very worthy cause.

Since 1998, Dress for Success has served over 5,000 women in Fairfield County through it’s simply suited program and career development programs. The mission for Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools (interview skills, resume writing, etc.)

Thank you to the people that make this possible, to the keynote speaker Norwalk First Lady Lucia Rilling, the Mayor Harry W. Rilling and for everyone coming to the event.
All donations and support was invaluable.

Hope to see you next year!

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A Night in Hollywood – a PS4D Benefit Gala

A Night in Hollywood – a PS4D Benefit Gala

We congratulate PS4D for the wonderful Benefit Gala “Night in Hollywood” at the #SONO #Community Center. For 5 years, #PS4D has been able to award more than 30 #scholarships to #DREAMERS from the state of #Connecticut.

Felicitamos a PS4D por la maravillosa gala #benéfica “Una Noche en #Hollywood” celebrada en el SONO Community Center. Durante 5 años, PS4D ha podido otorgar mas del 30 #becas a DREAMERS (#Soñadores) del estado de Connecticut.

What is PS4D

Parents of Students for a Dream, (PS4D) is a nonprofit organization created by a group of Norwalk and Stamford women concerned about the academic future of children from the immigrant community in the state of Connecticut.

Since 2012, PS4D has been able to raise funds to deliver more than 30 scholarships to undocumented students from the following cities #Bridgeport, #Danbury, #Hartford, #Manchester, #Meriden, #NewBritain, #NewCanaan, #NewFairfield, #NewHaven, #Norwalk, y #Stamford.

Our member Rene Soto from #LATINCOLORS was there and took some videos that would like to share 🙂


Latin Colors supporting PS4D Gala Miriam Matos

Posted by Rene Soto on Saturday, March 10, 2018


Jime’s Nails & Spa – Gives back to the Community

Jime’s Nails & Spa – Gives back to the Community

Medical micro-pigmentation of the areola and nipple constitutes the final point of breast reconstruction after a mastectomy for breast cancer.

The areola and nipple consists of a tattoo that, unlike the usual ones, is made on the skin at a lower depth and using an anesthetic ointment. In it, brown and red tones are used that imitate the color of the areolas and look for a harmonious result with the skin of the patient.

Every 2 months, Jime’s Nails & Spa provides this procedure to one breast cancer survivor FREE of charge.

For Jimena, giving back to the community is the most rewarding work.

Contact Jimena at (407) 9905270 for more information.



La micro-pigmentación médica de la areola y el pezón constituye el punto final de la reconstrucción mamaria tras una masectomía por cáncer de mama.

La areola y pezón consiste en un tatuaje que, a diferencia de los habituales, se hace en la piel a menor profundidad y usando una pomada anestésica. En él, se emplean tonos marrones y rojizos que imitan el color de las areolas y buscan un resultado armónico con la piel de la paciente.

Cada 2 meses, Jime’s Nails & Spa realiza este procedimiento a una sobreviviente de cáncer de seno sin cargo alguno.

Para Jimena, el retribuir a la comunidad con su trabajo, es el trabajo más gratificante.

Contacte Jimena al (407) 9905270 para más información.

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