COVID EIDL- Small Business Relief & Recovery Webinar

COVID EIDL- Small Business Relief & Recovery Webinar

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Capital Access will host a small business webinar series with Public Private Strategies Institute on the COVID Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program. The program was designed to help hard-hit small businesses and nonprofits recover from the economic impacts of the pandemic by providing advances and low-interest disaster loans. 

Note: The information presented in each webinar will be the same. Select webinars will also be simulcasted on SBA’s and PPSI’s Facebook pages. 

Get answers about the COVID-19 vaccine / Obtén respuestas sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19

Get answers about the COVID-19 vaccine / Obtén respuestas sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19

Todavía hay preguntas y mitos acerca de la vacuna del COVID-19. Todas ellas están explicadas en este vídeo. Sólo combatiremos este virus si nos protegemos TODOS. Por favor, compártalo con quienes pueda ser de interés.
There are still questions and myths about the COVID-19 vaccine. All of them are explained in this video. We will only fight this virus if we ALL protect ourselves. Please share it with anyone who might be interested.

¡Esta grabación es bilingüe!

Aquí obtendrá respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes tale como:

Fue presentado por David Herrera (enfermero practicante con experiencia en control de infecciones). Estuvo patrocinada por el estado de CT en colaboración con Southwestern AHEC y la Cámara de Comercio Hispana de Greater Norwalk.

Por favor, comparta esta valiosa información a quien pueda ser útil.

This recording is Bilingual! 

Here you will find answers for the most frequent questions like:

It was presented by David Herrera (Nurse Practitioner with experience in Infections Control).  It has been sponsored by the State of CT in collaboration with Southwestern AHEC, and the Greater Norwalk Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 

Please share this valuable information with whom it might be useful. 

Partnering with Norwalk Public Schools through the MLL Career Pathways Program

Partnering with Norwalk Public Schools through the MLL Career Pathways Program

If you are a local business and want to make a difference in the community, you may be interested in partnering with Norwalk Public Schools through the MLL Career Pathways Program.

Last June 11th we had a wonderful virtual event with business and partners where we could learn more about how to connect businesses to Norwalk’s Multilingual Language Learner program.

If you were not able to attend but you are certainly interested in engaging the community and sharing your knowledge with highschoolers about careers, career pathways, and real-world job experience, then you can take a seat and watch the video from the event. 

Norwalk Public Schools offers Multilingual Learners at the High School Level opportunities to participate in credit bearing internships where they can:

Connect students’ interests with their career goals.

Gain real-world career experiences.

Explore and learn first-hand about work and life skills.

Prepare, hone, and enhance students’ opportunities for post-secondary success in the job world.

Below the links to learn more and connect with the facilitator(s) of this program.



NCC’s Makerspace Supplies Face Shields to the Greater Norwalk Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

NCC’s Makerspace Supplies Face Shields to the Greater Norwalk Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

NCC’s Makerspace, funded by the NCC Foundation, has provided 200 face shields to the Greater Norwalk Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GNHCC).  The Chamber will distribute them to local businesses, an important step in the ongoing pandemic recovery and reopening process for businesses.  

Warren A. Peña, an alumnus of NCC, a Board Director for the NCC Foundation, and a Founder and Vice-President of GNHCC, said, “The Chamber is working to educate the community, and prevent the spread of COVID-19 by distributing essential PPE.  We wanted to work with local partners and naturally that included NCC.”  

GNHCCWarren personally collected the boxes of face shields at NCC from student and Makerspace intern Lillie Dehaemer.  Since the pandemic began, the Makerspace 3-D printers have been used to create more than 1000 face shields.  Over the past year, the face shields have been distributed to students, faculty and staff at the college, as well as to various local organizations such as Stamford Hospital, and the Open Doors shelter in Norwalk.   

“Given that we have the time, material and equipment here, I wanted to give back to the community and help out,” Lillie said of her work in the Makerspace.  

Vladimir Mariano, the Makerspace’s Supervisor who oversaw the production of face shields said, “When the pandemic hit, everything happened so fast.  We went into lockdown and there was a real shortage of PPE.  However, we found ourselves in a unique position to be able to help out our community by 3D printing face shields.  We have been able to join makers around the world in doing our small part to flatten the curve.”

The Odyssey FEC of South Norwalk

The Odyssey FEC of South Norwalk

The Odyssey Family Executive Center of South Norwalk works in partnership with families, community organizations and industry leaders to provide access to information, resources and career pathways that will position families to improve outcomes for their children and themselves.

The Odyssey FEC offers services in workforce & career development, life skills development, prenatal support & education, technology & digital media literacy, family counseling, and mentoring. For more information on these services and other initiatives, visit

El Odyssey Family Executive Center de South Norwalk trabaja en colaboración con las familias, las organizaciones comunitarias y los líderes de la industria para proporcionar acceso a la información, los recursos y las oportunidades de carrera que posicionarán a las familias para mejorar los resultados para sus hijos y para ellos mismos.

El Odyssey FEC ofrece servicios de desarrollo laboral y profesional, desarrollo de habilidades para la vida, apoyo y educación prenatal, tecnología y alfabetización digital, asesoramiento familiar y tutoría. Para más información sobre estos servicios y otras iniciativas, visite


SBA Launches Ascent

SBA Launches Ascent

SBA has announced Ascent, an interactive digital platform packed with resources women business owners need to set, and achieve, their business goals. Ascent is designed for the “missing middle” — growth-oriented women entrepreneurs who are beyond the start-up phase and already generating revenue yet looking to grow and scale. Most learning resources for business owners focus on either start-ups or mature businesses. Ascent is here to change that!

During these challenging times, SBA’s Ascent can also help you elevate your business with research-backed tips and strategies. Within Ascent, you can examine both internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats) that may have arisen because of COVID-19 to help you set up a comprehensive recovery strategy. And Ascent is a resource you can turn to again and again, as your business grows and your needs change.

Join the Ascent today at

Ascent was created through a joint initiative between the White House, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the U.S. Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau, and the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Bringing these agencies together provides Ascent users with unique access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise not found anywhere else.

La SBA ha anunciado Ascent, una plataforma digital interactiva repleta de recursos que las empresarias necesitan para establecer y alcanzar sus objetivos empresariales. Ascent está diseñada para el “medio que falta”, es decir, para mujeres empresarias orientadas al crecimiento que ya han superado la fase de puesta en marcha y que ya están generando ingresos pero que buscan crecer y ampliar su escala. La mayoría de los recursos de aprendizaje para las empresarias se centran en las empresas de nueva creación o en las empresas maduras. Ascent está aquí para cambiar eso!

Durante estos tiempos difíciles, Ascent de la SBA también puede ayudarle a elevar su negocio con consejos y estrategias respaldados por la investigación. Dentro de Ascent, puede examinar tanto los factores internos (fortalezas y debilidades) como los externos (oportunidades y amenazas) que pueden haber surgido a causa de COVID-19 para ayudarle a establecer una estrategia de recuperación integral. Y Ascent es un recurso al que puede recurrir una y otra vez, a medida que su negocio crece y sus necesidades cambian.

Únase a Ascent hoy en

Ascent se creó a través de una iniciativa conjunta entre la Casa Blanca, la Administración de Pequeñas Empresas de EE.UU. (SBA), la Oficina de la Mujer del Departamento de Trabajo de EE.UU. y el Departamento del Tesoro de EE.UU. La unión de estas agencias proporciona a los usuarios de Ascent un acceso único a una riqueza de conocimiento y experiencia que no se encuentra en ningún otro lugar.

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