Playful learning opportunities abound on Stepping Stones Museum for Children’s social media, now more than ever. Follow their channels for daily videos and activities that your child can do offline. Then, share your at-home learning with Stepping Stones to Facebook or Instagram, with the hashtag #mysteppingstones, for a chance to be featured!

Stepping Stones content is diverse and engaging, ranging from step-by-step craft project instructions to instructor-led reading lessons. What makes it possible for them to share this quality of content for free? Membership. ALL memberships – first time and renewals – will be extended for the duration of time the museum is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their team is currently working remotely and can answer any questions you have by emailing or by calling 203-899-0606, ext. 264 and leaving a voicemail. Become a member today to support free at-home learning content for all families!

Professor James on Penguins: Penguins can’t fly – but they sure can swim and, even, travel on their bellies! Professor James shares a fun friction experiment and teaches us how penguins get around in their habitats.

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