Angie Durrell, the cover of LATINCOLORS 16th Edition

We congratulate LATINCOLORS for the 16th Edition of the Magazine. It was celebrated on a beautiful event where the protagonists of the magazine shared their time and talents with the community members and friends.

En la entrega de 16 edición de la revista de Latinco Lors

Posted by Pilar Blanco on Sunday, April 8, 2018


Since an early age, Angie Durrell fell in love with the violin and her community. She found a way to succeed thru music and now shares her passion and talent with young children that like her enjoy music.

Angie is thankful for the opportunities and the values instilled by her mother and mentor. She looks to support and inspire INTEMPO’s children and families the same way they inspired her.

Even though her success hasn’t been easy, she wants to let people know that adversity is part of everyone’s lives and that we need to overcome it and be grateful of what we have.

Angie is a devoted advocate for diverse music and works hard to bring many cultures together through music.


Amazing talent!Great event, thank you Rene

Posted by Hilda Ayala on Sunday, April 8, 2018

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